Last December we were tasked by the major Hungarian Telco company to develop a multiple screen system. Our assignment was to design a wall mounted installation for a 10 sqm surface in accordance with the architectural concept of the office. ...Read More

The work is a special contribution to the "Saving Csoma’s Room" project by Kitchen Budapest in the remote monastery of Himalayan Zangla. In order to create a prayer-wheel-like installation that is able to show a short animation, we used bicycle ...Read More

Pannon, one of the leading telecommunication companies in Hungary is about to build a new Headquarter near Budapest which they would like to fill with innovative works. They have asked artists and designers to collect ideas and submit an application. ...Read More

After the first version of Reconfigurable House by Adam Somlai-Fischer and Usman Haque at NTT/ICC and Reorient at the Venice Bieanal of Architecture by the Reorient team we took part in building the Reconfigurable House 2.0 in Belgium at Z33. The project ...Read More

The project is the 2nd recycled version of Reorient, our installation for the 2006 Architecture Biennale in Venice. Among other parts of the work we were especially responsible for the "Sound Cell Muscles" installation. 1000 small speakers playing a composition ...Read More

The installation is a satellite-controlled kinetic sculpture which consists of six equal robotic arms each pointed in the direction of a different GPS satellite orbiting above us. As soon as a new satellite rises above the horizon a corresponding arm follows path ...Read More